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Chilliwack Gender Care Committee

Chilliwack Gender Support Network and Trans Youth Alliance

The GSN is brought to you by the Chilliwack Gender Care Committee with support from the Government of BC and the Sto:lo Nation. The Chilliwack Gender Care Committee is comprised of transgender individuals, parents of LGBTQ2IA children, partners and family of trans individuals, and various service providers in the medical and mental health field. The committee is committed to promoting and providing trans competent, gender-affirming services in our community.


Our mission is to empower transgender & gender diverse children, youth, and adults and their families, to live life fully surrounded by the support of those who have come before them, lifted by timely and adequate resources when needed, strengthened through education and protected fully by law.


We strive for equity, removing as many barriers as possible to assist trans people to reach their goals, and live a happy and healthy life.

Gender Affirming Apparel

The CGCC provides life-saving gender affirming apparel to those in need. Binders, Packers & Gaffs are available upon request. This request will be kept confidential. Email [email protected], message us on facebook or visit us at our all ages meeting, every 2nd Tuesday at 6:30pm.

Transender Medical Advice, Counselling & More

The CGCC partners with the Chilliwack Division of Family Practise to provide medical advice, peer support, counselling and more. Email [email protected] or call 604-795-0034 for more information.

Chilliwack Trans Youth Alliance

Free, Weekly After-School Trans Support Group & Activities, led by Psych-students and Transgender & Gender Non Conforming Youth ages 12-18. Every Tuesday 3:30pm - 5pm

Gender Support Network

Free, Peer-led Support Group for Transgender & Gender Non Conforming People of All Ages & Their Families. Every 2nd Tuesday 6:30pm - 8pm Sto:lo Service Agency 7201 Vedder Rd

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